Madonna della Marina

The origins of this holidays are back in time. The popular legend talks about  the finding of a log of wood by an inhabitant of Malamocco, brought  to the house for the fireplace. For three times the wood mysteriously disappeared only to reappear  where it had been found, incredibly materializes as the image of the Virgin Mary. So from the fourteenth century is reminiscent of the miracle called the “Madonna of Zocco” then said ” Madonna of Marina. ” Each year in July, in addition to initiatives related to religious tradition, we provide markets, art exhibitions and local crafts, food, sports, music, dance, theater, fireworks and the inevitable final bingo underlying the splendid Piazza Maggiore and the Piazzale di Malamocco.
To mention the tasty “pasta a la malamochina “and the rich fried fish. Mosquito is a must!

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