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An oasis of flora and fauna protected by WWF

A few steps in the air line from the crowd that crowds Piazza San Marco, extends close to the Golf of Venice an oasis protected by the WWF, green lung that encloses flora and fauna on the way to extinction.
It is presented as a succession of dunes that, from the shoreline in front of the beach, rise gradually inland, in the sand dunes, floating dunes and dunes stabilized (those less prone to erosion of the winds), up to the innermost woodland, Characterized by a pine forest created by a post-war reforestation.
An environment that had already seduced in his travels in Italy also the pre-romantic spirit of J.W. Goethe, who, transported from Venice on a gondola to the Lido, during a walk on the beach, so he described: “On the sea shore I found several plants of Which similar characters have made me more closely acquainted with their properties: they are all at once fat and robust, juicy and tenacious as alpine plants, and it is clear that precisely the ancient salt of the sandy soil, and more still the salsugginous air, gives them such Property “.
The nucleus of the oasis did not exist until 1800 so that the sea came to lick the ancient fort of the Alberoni.
Built between 1646 and 1650 on the idea of Father Martinengo in collaboration with the military engineer Andrea Moretti to accommodate 6 cannons, in 1726 was reduced in size because it was considered little defensible by the Marshal of the Serenissima John Maria Von Schulemburg, modified by the French in 1814 with the creation of a defensive ditch and finally restructured by the Austrians in 1856. Today it is inserted inside the Golf course near the hole 9, that thanks to this architectural presence, can be considered unique in its specificity.
The beach was formed, after the construction of the North dam of the port of Malamocco, in 1872, through the slow action of the Winds of Bora and sea currents that accumulated the sand along the coast.
The Oasis area includes a vast pinewood of domestic pine and maritime pine, where there is a conversion to hardwood of Ornella and Holm oak, mixed with herding and moss habitats; In the area towards the Golf around the nineteenth-century Rocchetta battery (near the current lighthouse) surrounded by a moat, stretch white poplar groves.

Also visible along the path of the game is the sharp Esparto (the name means “lover of the Sand”), a grass pollens with dense cespi, ending with a silver-yellow panicle, which has the function of consolidating thanks to its strong roots, the mobile dunes, By absorbing the water and holding the sand.
Even the fauna that can be encountered along the fairways is manifold; In addition to the Ducks that move in a group coming up in Club House, pheasants and pheasant, the Heron Cinerino, but can venture along the route also specimens of Fratino (a bird that nests in the sand) or the little brother (hunting for minnows Along the beach); Sea-hunts during migration periods; The Bee-eater (bird coloured from Africa), the Occhiocotto and the Black bunting, which nest in the pine forest, or very rare specimen, the nightjar, Twilight Bird that descends to the sunset whose flight is similar to the hawk.

fraticello In wooded areas, the funny and the Red woodpeckers, the green woodpeckers and the Hoopoe. Close to the freshwater areas and the kingfisher, Egzetta and Bittern moats.
There are also amphibious species, such as Tree Frog and Emerald Toad, in addition to the increasingly sociable nutria who seek companionship between the green of 8 and near the puddles of 10 and 14.

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